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J.A. Waters – Who Am I

I am J.A. Waters, a writer that enjoys speculative fiction exploring science fiction and fantasy with a bent on the weird. I like magical escapes that remind us who we are, who we’ve been, and who we might be. I write for all ages from middle-grade to adult but usually bounce between YA and A.

I’ve been writing for a majority of my life and pretty consistently pursue too many creative projects. My current focus involves the development of two novels with side-projects of flash fiction and short stories. There are examples of my work peppered around at WattPad, Amazon, Paragraph Planet, and this site. I am a member of the Fish Climbing Trees writer’s community and have a tech-focused site at https://nobutwhy.com

My daytime job is network engineering, developing and managing bits and bytes for internet connectivity, and I occasionally program to enable office automations. That job has kept me busy for the last 17 years, but I hope to make a gradual move toward teaching in my future.

Contact me via E-mail at jawaters@jawaters.com

Thank you for your visit! Cheers.
– J.A. Waters