Flash Fiction

The following stories are all flash fiction, or pieces that are 5000 words or less. I’ve grouped writings where they might fit, but otherwise it’s a mixed bag. I’d love to see comments if anyone has the hankering, and I definitely hope there’s some enjoyment found somewhere in the words. Thank you for visiting.

A Few Thousand Words

Fewer than 500

Itty Bitty Flash

  • Key Liar: A fantasy story about someone’s importance. 300 Words


Q – What is flash fiction? A – Any narrative written work that doesn’t qualify for longer classifications like short stories or novellas. So usually 5000 words or less. There’s also a Wikipedia article on the subject.

Q – Why bother with such a short piece of work? A – The challenge and to explore ideas. It’s fun creating characters that go through a beginning, middle, and end within very limited space. It forces careful consideration of every word.

Q – Will any of these stories be lengthened or extended into something else? A – Some, but definitely not all. Many were done for a writing prompt or on a whim of inspiration. Some were written to brainstorm for a larger work.

Q – Are any of these stories part of an existing universe or series of books? A – For sure. A few were the grounding that expanded into novels, and others were pieces done as a start to a future work.

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