Flash Fiction

The following stories are all flash fiction. I will generally only post works here that are 5000 words or less. I’ll also group the writings into 5000, 1000, 500, 300, and 100. If anything is an outlier to those categories, I guess I’ll change it up! Feel free to comment on any of these blurbs of fiction as I really appreciate critiques and thoughts on what I’ve done. Thank you for visiting.

Thousand Word Flash Fiction

500 Word Flash Fiction

300 Word Flash Fiction

  • Key Liar: A fantasy story about someone that is the key, 300 Words


Q – What is flash fiction? A – My personal definition is that it involves any narrative written work that doesn’t qualify for longer classifications like short stories or novellas. There’s an actual Wikipedia article on the subject if anyone’s looking for further information.

Q – Why bother with such a short piece of work? A – It’s a challenge to create characters that go thorugh a beginning, middle, and ending within a very limited space. It forces a writer to consider their structure and word choice very carefully.

Q – Will any of these stories be lengthened or extended into something else? A – Perhaps they will. Many were done in response to a writing prompt or on a whim of inspiration. They may one day serve as the grounding for a larger work.

Q – Are any of these stories part of an existing universe or series of books? A – None of them are as of December 2015, but there are some ideas that will show up later here connected to my other stories.

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